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The illusione mj12 cigar is considered as one of the best cigars in the market, blending Nicaraguan Criollo, Corojo, and Habano tobaccos, delivering a unique and tasty experience for smokers. This cigar has been aged for almost three years, making it a great cigar for those who love a well-aged, robust smoke. The wrapper of the mj12 is Maduro, and as the name implies, it has a dark brown color with a typical rough texture, which is a sign of its high quality.

The cigar is well-constructed and perfectly rolled with an even burn, producing a thick plume of aromatic smoke. Smokers describe the flavor profile of the cigar as intense and complex, with a mix of nutty, earthy, and spicy notes. The mj12 cigar has a bold aroma, leaving a long-lasting finish on the palate. The strength level of this cigar is medium to full, making it an ideal smoke for experienced smokers.

In summary, the illusione mj12 cigar is a high-quality, well-aged cigar that delivers an exceptional smoking experience. Its complex flavor profile, bold aroma, and perfect construction are some of the reasons why this cigar is highly recommended by cigar enthusiasts worldwide.