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Fair Warning by Espinosa

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When we started Caravan Cigar Company in 2017 we had a dream of doing things a little different. When we approached Espinosa Cigars about doing an exclusive cigar we knew we wanted to something a little different. We realized that the barber pole was something they did not have on their arsenal of releases. However it couldn’t just be a traditional Maduro and Connecticut barber pole, it hard to be “different”. Insert the evil mind of Héctor Alfonso and Brian’s idea of thinking outside the box. So Héctor made ONE blend, just ONE and knew it was the blend that would be the home run we were looking for. With that said, we told everyone when we started we were here to stay and some believed us and well some didn’t...we gave them #FairWarning and well, now here it is. So here is a quick breakdown of the blend....

Wrapper - Brazilian Oscuro/Candella

Binder - Jalapa 

Filler - Esteli and Condega 



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