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Espinosa Sensei Sarsaparilla

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Espinosa Sarsaparilla marks the return of a premium cigar that made its debut in 2014 as a collaboration with Cigar Dojo, a social media site that offers in-depth cigar reviews and ratings, as well as cigar tips, videos, podcasts, and special cigar offers for its viewers. The cigars come in one size – a beautifully shaped 6.0 × 52 Belicoso that features an oily and dark San Andrés Mexican wrapper that hosts the finest, fully aged binder and long filler tobaccos from Nicaragua. As for the name, Sarsaparilla was a very popular beverage in the old west and was often believed to be a remedy for a number of health conditions. Sarsaparilla is still around today, and it’s a very popular drink among fans that enjoy its uniquely refreshing flavor. The name was derived because Cigar Dojo founder Eric Guttormson said that these cigars exhibit the flavor of the beverage