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Dissident Sampler

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1 - Rant

1 - Rave

1 - Tirade

1 - Bloc Robusto

1 - Bloc Toro

1 -Soapbox Robusto

1 - Soapbox Toro

The Dissident Cigar brand has new owners today, as the company announced it has been sold to Cynn and Joshua Coburn, a husband and wife couple described as cigar industry marketing veterans, authors, motivational speakers and serial entrepreneurs.

The Coburns said that they will “toss tradition aside and bring grit, attitude, and a dash of rebellion to the cigar world,” adding that it was an easy decision to acquire the brand as its branding and name aligned perfectly with their core values and beliefs. “We are all dissidents in some way, and we love to bring that to the forefront of our lives!” said Cynn Coburn via a press release. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, we celebrate it.”